Saturday, June 12, 2010


The big questions I'm posing to past & present brides:

To trash or not to trash
the dress?

Inspired by

I'm not personally advocating taking scissors to your gown, unless you want to. No wedding gowns actually need to be harmed in the process if you do not want them to be.
We're calling it an encore session because it's all about creating beautiful photos of you remembering how gorgeous you felt on your wedding day. So, contact me to schedule your encore session today!

I want to hear your ideas. Do you want photos of you flaunting your dress all over downtown? Do you want romantic shots of you and your hubby kissing in the waves at dusk? Let's get creative, ladies! I will be giving a complimentary mini encore session to one bride* who requests a session to take place in the next 8 days!! Enter booking requests in the comment area below.

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* This giveaway is only for Central Florida brides or brides who will be in the Central Florida area during the next 8 days and can be available for the session. The winner will be randomly picked from all entries received by 11:59pm 6/13/2010.


  1. Can we just take pics of me with mine on sitting on the toilet at my house? :) Lindsey

  2. Suuuuure, if that's what you'd like. And only if you wear high heels.

  3. ... and I'm not counting that as an official request!

  4. I could give it a whirl my dress should still fit for a few more days and our 7 yr anniversary is next month.Kaley

  5. My dress is gone...but I totally see Lindsey trudging through some alley in her dress and boots.

    Or perhaps shopping at the Majik Mall. :)

  6. I would request, but my dress is back in WA :(

  7. I would love to be entered into this giveaway. It's our five year anniversary this year. We were married at Leu Gardens and although we got a few good shots, my photographer was a family member who does it as a hobby so they never had the professional feel to them. I would LOVE to do it all over again with someone as talented, creative and original as you, Ms. Jenn! I am not creative whatsoever so I can't offer any suggestions of what I'm looking for. I've loved all of the different areas, angles and poses you've arranged in the past so my trust is certainly in your hands :)

  8. Cant wait it will be fun

  9. I would love too since you were in my wedding I never got the pro pics I wanted!!!!

  10. Even though you weren't our original photographer and I don't have my dress anymore (ebay! made triple what I paid for it!) I think I still qualify because I live in central florida?! Our wedding photographer was a disaster, we originally had an AMAZING one booked and turned out he was getting married the SAME day, go figure! Anyway we ended up paying 1500 bucks for really cheesy minimal non-creative pictures and after the fact realized he really only got ONE pose of me and joey and one picture of me by myself. Not to mention I was so poor I didn't get my hair or makeup done and felt not bridelike and like all my bridesmaids looked prettier than me! So long story kinda short, even though I'm not (and may not ever be) my ideal size, I would love to rock a white dress again with the man I love even more now than I did on that day and get some quality, artistic, creative, beautiful pics that I can actually take pride in. This is an OFFICIAL request, pick me! -lori rao

  11. ohhh pic me! ill fly to florida for this deal! ;)dana


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