Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We're married!!!

Matt & Jenn

Our wedding was held at the Riverside Pavilion in Daytona Beach, Florida. Since that's where I grew up, and my entire family and most of my friends live there.. we figured it'd be wise to have it there. So Matt, his parents, and I travelled to Florida for the event. We truly appreciate our wonderful friends and family who did so much to make our day special for us.. and we are especially gratefull to those who travelled from out of state to be there. Thanks, guys!

I wanted to share a few images from our day. Here are a collection of snapshots from guests, as well as shots from our photographer ~ Mark Neilsen. Enjoy!

"Oh, My Love" ~ John Lennon.


  1. Congrats! I didn't realize when your wedding was. I got married the same month just a couple weeks later. The pics look nice. I am happy for you. It was nice to see familiar faces in your pics. I'm living in Maine now. Funny how things happen over time...spreading out... in case you don't recognize my new name (my maiden is Muller)

  2. Hey Deanna! Congratulations to you, too!!! Wow... Maine! I've always wanted to go there. We're on exact opposite sides now.. I'm in Washington State. So nice to hear from you!


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